About Cadoma Foundation

The History of Cadoma

Cadoma is the name of an original homestead 12.1 miles northwest of the present day city of Casper Wyoming. When the Chicago and Northwestern Railway decided to extend its line from Casper to Lander, Cadoma was selected to be the extension's first new station. The new station was completed in August 1905.

The town also contained a post office, some dwellings, and a large sheep shearing company. This company used the new railway to ship its wool to market.

The sheep company subsequently moved to a nearby site on the present day Burlington Santa Fe railway.

The historically valuable site of Cadoma fell into disuse and has since returned to the prairie.

The history of Cadoma stands as an inspiration for the Cadoma Foundation. Our foundation will seek to ensure for future generations that structures of historic significance will be preserved so that they do not suffer the same fate as Cadoma.

Cadoma Foundation Strategic Plan 2018

Executive Committee

Chair: Susan Bishop, President

1. To obtain a better understanding of the Bishop House’s accounts with the Wyoming Community Foundation. The board is seeking a better understanding of the policies associated with the various accounts that the Bishop House has with the Wyoming Community Foundation A meeting will be arranged with the Wyoming Community Foundation ASAP to discuss the accounts and policies.
2. To create a board that is comprised of individuals whom are not necessarily family or the founding members of the organization. Elect new officers and create an advisory board.
3. To continue ongoing communication with the community. Contact outside experts on the development of historic homes for suggestions on how to develop a sustainability plan and gain community support.

Development Commitee

Chair: Paula Reid, Vice President


1.To Raise $20k in grants to match $12k that has already been raised.
To generate the necessary funds a committee has been organized to establish a grant writing process/plan. In addition to creating a plan, the committee will receive education/training on how to write grants through Casper College. A committee has been created to identify strategies and methods to create a development plan.
2.To plan an Annual Fundraiser with the goal of funding one major project for the year. Hold a successful fundraiser in August 2018.

3.To develop and explore additional Uses for the Bishop Home. Identify ideas and events the house could be used for to generate additional funds

Building and Grounds

Chair: Bob King and Dave Bentzin

1. To develop and refine site plan with engineer and architect.
2. To remove the garage and create a drive through driveway.
3. To development potential for brick project
4. To repave Alleyway with cutout to street
Need to specify this project at an event. Secure funds then develop project timeline. Work with Development Committee on funding ideas

Collection Management and Storage

Chair: Susan Bishop

1. To obtain an intern to help with the cataloging inventory as we all as uploading images onto the Internet to display artifacts that could be available on loan to museums.

2. To receive curator’s assistance from the Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums.
3. To arrange for the Avenir Textile Museum at Colorado State University to view collection.
4. To find a new offsite storage facility. Offsite storage facility will be eliminated in a few years. A new offsite storage plan needs to be developed.
5. To create a disaster plan

Education and Programs

Chair: Ann Hines

1.To celebrate National Education week and Teacher Appreciation week and invite teachers to the house.

2.To increase the number of Third Grade Student studying Casper's History that tour the home.

3.To develop a curriculum that supports the importance of historic preservation as part of the study of Casper and its urban history development.

4.To explore the extensive connection of the Bishop family name in American History and encourage the legacy the home represents.

5.To Continue building a relationship with the Woolgrowers.


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A Special Thanks to our Partners in the Restoration of Historic Bishop Home and Development of the Cadoma Foundation

Employee donation matching program.
FDIC and Equal Housing Lender

Wyoming Architectural Assistance Fund


  • The Bishop Family Home was the recipient of Maurine Carley Memorial Award in 2000 from the Wyoming Historical Society
  • 2003 Historic Bishop Home featured on HGTV "If Walls Could Talk"