Restoration of the Bishop House: A Multi-Year Effort History:

The Cadoma Foundation obtained the Bishop Home in 2008. While historic and beautiful, age and modernization had taken a toll. A long list of restoration projects was compiled to rectify the deficiencies. These issues included rotting water pipes, cracks in the walls and ceilings on all floors, and fallen plaster and loose and deteriorated floorboards in the attic. In addition, to make the house more "modern", the bathroom was decorated in pink and avocado, the transoms were painted white and hardware removed, ten-foot ceilings were lowered and hung with acoustic tile, and radiators covered with pegboard. The house also had no parking other than limited space in the driveway. Last but not lease, the old t-lock shingles which were beginning to leak.

With generous private donations and substantial grants from the Wyoming Cultural Fund, Wyoming Community Fund and especially the Natrona County Recreational Joint Powers Board the Bishop House has now been beautifully restored to its original form.


Rectifying this daunting list began with restoration of the bathrooms and opening the hallway and has continued through the installation of a new roof.
Picture of Restored Bathroom

Painted transoms were restored with new hardware:

Closed off hallway was opened and staircase striped to original wood:
Before-Hallway closed off and painted Staircase/After-Opened hallway with restored staircase:

Second floor was restored:
Before-Second floor ceiling with large crack over stairwell/Restored ceiling:
Before-Old second floor with green carpet/After-restored second floor with restored original wood floor:

Attic was restored:
Before-Old attic/After-Restored attic:

Parking Lot was constructed:

Old shingles were replaced on House: