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Historic Bishop House, Casper, Wyoming
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The History of Cadoma

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The History of Cadoma -
Cadoma is the name of an original homestead 12.1 miles northwest of the present day city of Casper Wyoming. When the Chicago and Northwestern Railway decided to extend its line from Casper to Lander, Cadoma was selected to be the extension's first new station. The new station was completed in August 1905.

The town also contained a post office, some dwellings, and a large sheep shearing company. This company used the new railway to ship its wool to market.

The sheep company subsequently moved to a nearby site on the present day Burlington Santa Fe railway.

The historically valuable site of Cadoma fell into disuse and has since returned to the prairie.

The history of Cadoma stands as an inspiration for the Cadoma Foundation. Our foundation will seek to ensure for future generations that structures of historic significance will be preserved so that they do not suffer the same fate as Cadoma.

Cadoma Foundation Strategic Plan Overview 2012 -

Mission Statement

The Cadoma Foundation’s purpose is to ensure historic places are preserved in perpetuity by fostering a strong ethic supporting stewardship of historic places and acquiring, maintaining, restoring, and preserving historic buildings in the State of Wyoming.


I. Preservation Goals

A. Historic places are preserved in perpetuity.

1. Continue to work with Preservation Partners at the local, state, and national level to develop the historic preservation movement in Wyoming.

2. Actively pursue representation on the Casper Preservation Commission.

3. Investigate the feasibility of joining the Casper Consortium of Museums.

3. Continue to use the architectural study of the Bishop Home to renovate and begin implementation of the plan developed and approved by the Cadoma Board for the future use of the Bishop Home.

4. Continue to promote the philosophy that preservation sustains our environment.

5.  Actively pursue purchase of the neighboring lots to the Bishop House with the owner and the City of Casper.

II. Education Goals

A. A strong preservation ethic supports stewardship of historic places.

1. Promote connections between preservation and other important community developments.

2. Continue promoting the Cadoma Foundation to the community using information provided through membership in the Chamber of Commerce..

3. Use advertising of Bishop Home, items provided and events held by the Cadoma Foundation to increase appreciation of the Cadoma Foundation’s value to the community at large.

4. Use power point presentation developed for presentation to specific groups in 2011 to delvelop a general program to use for promotion of the Bishop House in subsequent years.

III. Capacity Goals

A. The organization is capable of effectively fulfilling its mission.

1. Continue fund raising present fund raising efforts and use plan developed by the Board of Directors to institute new ones.

2. Use advertising and new website to raise the visibility of the foundation statewide.

3. Use the new website and advertising to promote sale of the Casper Chronicles and continue to investigate other possible revenue streams to support the foundations efforts.

4. Begin research and development on sequel to Casper Chronicles.

5. Continue to research possible grants to support the foundation and actively seek alternative to the use of grants for this purpose.

6. Develop a job description and recruit a property manage for the Bishop House.

  • Wyoming State Historical Society
  • Natrona County Historical Society
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • American Association of State and Local History
  • Alliance for Historic Wyoming
  • Casper Chamber of Commerce
  • Guidestar
  • Facebook

A Special Thanks to our Partners in the Restoration of Historic Bishop Home and Development of the Cadoma Foundation

First Interstate Bank
Member of First Interstate Bank Foundation Matching Program

Casper Electric

Hutch's Hi-Country Plumbing and Heating

Grovum Construction

Casper Star Tribune

Wyoming Community Gas

Wyoming Architectural Assistance Fund
Wyoming Architectural Assistance Fund

Pella Window and Door Store, Rex Robertson Company Inc


• The Bishop Family Home was the recipient of Maurine Carley Memorial Award in 2000 from the Wyoming Historical Society

• 2003 Historic Bishop Home featured on HGTV “If Walls Could Talk”


The Historic Bishop Home Brochure

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Strategic Plan for Cadoma Foundation

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